Tapped in & Turned on

After 20+ years of living life by others rules, you are ready to break through the glass ceiling and live unapologetically a life of your own!



Investigate the old patterns, language & attachments that have routinely held you back from make the choices that you deeply align with.



Begin to listen closely and compassionately to the voices that comes through. Acknowledging these parts of yourself will allow them to ask for what they need. Your desires become immensely clear, instantly.



Break the cycle of falling back on your commitments to yourself by using this foundational element. As you shift in a new level, your body will bring resistance.

Tune in and Turn on.

Self-Leadership Coaching

Gain the roadmap that takes you on a life-changing exploration of your heart and mind. Through Juliana's Synchronize MindBody Method you will reach a level of confidence you've never met before. With her expert support, you will be raising yourself higher and busting through the glass ceiling of limitations.

See how harmonizing your energy creates a self-sustaining system.

Whole Body Confidence

Your successful, striving, and seemingly never fully satisfied with what you already have. You need a place that it's safe to be exactly who you are, whether your hair is down or thrown up in a messy bun. You're HOT babe, and it's time to claim it!

Give yourself permission to go to a place that is normally not accessed so you become more aware of how easy it can feel to love and nourish your whole self.

Sitting on the fence, not understanding how to not struggle or feel the pressure to look a certain way

First, recognize that you have a certain program that has been into you that tells you that you need to look + act + be a certain way in order to have an amazing life.

Your amazing life feels just a finger touch away:

You already an amazing business

You already have a family

You already have a nice home and car

The body that you live in keeps getting in your way from feeling ahhhmazing!

Am I right with this?

Everything that you have achieved, that others can see, has been built from the pressure that keeps you driving, striving, and building.

Maybe this pressure isn't meant to stay with you

Consider the way through this is creating a home, the place in your own heart, that values harmony over hustle.

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Are you the Leader in your Home?

You do the cooking, the cleaning, the driving, the planning, the regulating meltdowns, the special time...

You're doing it ALL and it's stressing you the F out!

I know you want to keep everything afloat, but the flotation device that your roaming these sometimes treacherous, and sometimes calm, waters with has leaks in it.

You don't have enough hands, energy or sanity to keep plugging holes considering the amount of overwhelm you feel when you're 'getting it done'. That's not what you're here for.

Getting it done is not the same as living a life full of pleasure and passion.

Don't let the overwhelming priorities of building your business and having a healthy family dynamic get in your way of creating the best relationship with your own body

Step away from mission impossible and into...


Join the community of Conscious Parents:

Building Courageous and Confident Leaders through Connection & Community

We were never meant to be feeling like we're doing life alone. You are meant to be supported and celebrated as you break through the bullshit tyranny of society standards and set your own so you love all aspects of your life.

Listen to their stories, engage in deep conversations, and feel held in a safe community of other Moms that are stepping back into the driver seat of their life! that women share as they take back control of their life.

Awakened Motherhood Collective is the creation of a shared space to help shift consciousness as Moms navigate family, business, and relationships with a whole new identity and purpose.

How do I know life coaching is the next step for me?

Up until this point you have done 'all the things'. You've taken classes, read books, listened to podcasts, and maybe even gone the traditional talk therapy route. Where you are right now is most likely in a very self aware position. If you're asked to name a block or barrier you have you will have at least one answer. What you're missing is the solution to breaking through that barrier in a sustainable way. You're ready to peel back even more layers and discover more of your truth and profound joy in this life.

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What is the cost of your personal coaching?

High-touch personal coaching has a price tag that is often above your comfort zone. When you hear the price your mind will immediately begin to doubt. You will be afraid and even say to yourself "this isn't worth it" because I won't get what I need out of it. This doubt has nothing to do with my program and expertise to over deliver on what you need and everything to do with the belief that you are not enough.

You are not alone! Most of us are in the habit of doubting ourselves more than anyone else and this will be the exact thing we will be working on together. Busting through your ceiling, taking inspired action with doubt the rises, and lighting the spark in you that you once had when you were a child. You are, and always will be, the greatest investment. The faster you internalize that, the easier it gets to make clearheaded decisions that are not weighed down (or barricaded) with your doubts & fears.

Sliding Scale & Payment Plans Available.

If payment is the only barrier to working with Juliana, please send livingallinharmony@gmail.com an email requesting more information on the Scholarship Program.

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What can I expect once I become a client?

Taking this new path will look a lot like going on an overnight adventure in a dense forest. You will be in observation, reaching new heights, taking risks, trusting your instincts, having fun exploring, facing darkness (& shadows) and realizing how truly capable you are in leading yourself home.

Our time together will rely more and more on your willingness to go the distance. Taking off the shields you have held onto for decades will mean that you may feel left naked and even more afraid. This is shedding, just like a snake, the allows for the new story to emerge. Your coach will hold space for you, but you are the one that is showing up for you. The process inside SMB was created to help you find security within yourself.

Every client must go through an application and discovery process to see if they are ready to dive into Peace & Power 3 month or 6 month program.

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Ready to start shifting OLD beliefs and resetting your nervous system to be on board with your next move?

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